What 2013 tablet is the best for gaming?

Tom ShannonTablets

Gaming demands that your tablet has a certain set of characteristics,
and many of 2013’s best tablets have these in abundance.
Games for portable devices aren’t generally hugely demanding, with apps
like the online casino, puzzles, side scrollers and even arcade style
games mainly being controlled by swipes and touchscreen gestures.
Nevertheless, you do need a good operating system, a responsive
interface, a large amount of RAM, big storage capacity, and a quick
processor. Without these attributes your games could slow down, lag,
become unplayable, or even crash.

The iPad4 will naturally be most people’s choice of gaming machine with
the new A6X processor being up to twice as fast as the previous A5. In fact it is the first x64-bit ARM processor for mobile (Apple uses ARM processors, but they make minor modifications and call them A6X). Many
games designed for Apple devices are designed with the hardware
characteristics in mind so it’s hard for the lesser Android tablets to
emulate gaming performance anywhere near iPad4 standard.

It’s important to note here that Apple makes both the OS and controls the hardware for their iDevices, which allows them to develop an OS specifically designed to work on their devices. Whereas with Android, and even Windows, the software manufacture and the hardware manufacture are different companies. Google and Microsoft’s challenge is to create an OS that is capable of running on all kinds of hardware, and it is the responsibility of the device manufacture to develop the interface between the hardware and the OS. When a device manufacture fails to do their part, it can create the impression that the OS sucks… Case in point; the Asus transformer-prime x<700T has left it’s users with a horrible experience, whereas people swear by their Samsung Galaxy; both run Android.

The best Android based tablets can comfortably compete with their Apple
rivals, with names like Xperia Tablet Z, the Google Nexus 10 and the
Google Nexus 7 all gaining great reviews.
A lot of people seem to think that tablets that come in at around the 7
inch mark are preferable in the modern market – this is visible due to
the success of the iPad Mini and the new Nexus 7. You have ample screen
size, maximum portability, and it would appear that your gaming
experience doesn’t really suffer for the sake of a couple of inches.

Although, when looking to buy an android tablet for gaming, be sure to pay attention to couple of specifications;
If the tablet you buy has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 – 830 processor, then it will be either on par with an A6X processor or better.
If the tablet has an Nvidia Tegra 3, then it will definitely rival most anything under an A6X processor, providing XBox – quality graphics. If however, you find an Android with a Tegra 4, then there is no comparison between that and an Apple, Tegra 4 beats any Apple device any-day. Tegra 4 can provide PS3 quality graphics smoothly and efficiently.


With the online casino, puzzle games and simple physics games, a smaller
screen may even lend itself to the neatly packaged gaming experience –
screen size will always be subjective. Perhaps rather than becoming
fixated on screen size, gamers should be more concerned with storage
(and the potential for Micro SD chips)
, RAM and processor speed. Also, don’t forget wi-fi or 3g-4g connectivity.
Android has earned for itself a rather unflattering reputation for dropping wi-fi signals, whereas the iPad and iPhone (most any iDevice) has been shown to deliver consistent performance. There are ways to fix the Android wi-fi dropping by customizing the kernel, but if you’re not a techie, sometimes it’s nice to have something that works just of of the box.

Tablets like the Toshiba Excite Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and the Sony
Xperia Z all excel in these areas.
You can play at www.gamingclub.com/au to test these features and choose which to buy.