Tips to fix, ‘sound card not working’

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‘No Audio Device’ is the common error message that occurs when your system is not able to detect any audio device connected to it. It is obviously frustrating, when you know the audio device is connected, but the system doesn’t detect it. There could be … Read More

Metropolitan Artist Franco Recchia Makes Circuit Cities

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For any of you who’ve ever looked at a circuit board before, you probably thought the same thing I did when I first saw one, it looks kinda like a little city. Well “Metropolitan Artist” Franco Recchia, has taken that one step further, taking old … Read More

How do I find my CPU temperature?

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Keeping your CPU /computer temps low, is a must If there’s anything that computer owners should fear, it’s heat. Heat is the most devastating natural force towards your computer. For any element in your computer, the temperature should never exceed beyond 50C (~122 Fahrenheit). The … Read More