diy pc to android tablet

Karl Is WrightDIY, Laptops, Tablets

In this DIY I’ll be focusing on how to use your laptop PC like an Android tablet. Why would you want this? Android is a nice little OS, that comes with a lot of fun apps, buy maybe you don’t feel like shelling out $299 … Read More

Turn Your Laptop into a DIY Security System

ContributorComputer Software, DIY

The overwhelming majority of laptops sold today include built-in webcams. Although the primary purpose of these cameras is video chat, there is a major market emerging for their use as a security system. With a little bit of know-how and the right software, you can … Read More

Sticky Notes Gadget Windows 7 from Vista Notes Gadget

Karl Is WrightComputer Software, DIY, Software

The Sticky Notes Gadget for Windows 7, best gadget ever, right? Wrong! Why? Because there isn’t one! Now, there is a program that comes with Windows 7, called sticky notes. [frame_right src=”” href=””] Sticky Notes in Windows 7 just ain’t right. [/frame_right] Basically it looks … Read More

How To Create A Swap File in CentOS

SumodirjoDIY, Open Source, Tutorial

In this tutorial we’ll be learning how to create a swap file in CentOS. When we install Linux, part of the process when creating a partition is creating a swap partition. A Swap is more less like Windows file. When your RAM is full Linux … Read More