Penetration Testing With Backtrack kali Linux

utsavPenetration Testing

PENETRATION TESTING WITH BACKTRACK   Penetration testing is a legal and authorized attempt to exploit a computer system with the intent of making a network or system more secure. The process include scanning system is vulnerable to attack from a real hacker. Penetration testing has … Read More

ODroid-X Linux Mini-PC 1.4 GHz Quad Core $129

Karl Is WrightComputer Hardware, DIY

ODroid-X ARM PC for Developers

ODroid-X comes from Hardkernel, a Korean based company. Hardkernel is already known for releasing the ODroid-A and ODroid-Q, tablets that come with a Samsung 4210 Dual Core & 4412 Quad Core CPU respectively, and feature clear-see through backing with instillation of Andoid OS. Most of … Read More

How To Create A Swap File in CentOS

SumodirjoDIY, Open Source, Tutorial

In this tutorial we’ll be learning how to create a swap file in CentOS. When we install Linux, part of the process when creating a partition is creating a swap partition. A Swap is more less like Windows file. When your RAM is full Linux … Read More