gpu overclocking guide for beginners; prt2

Karl Is WrightHacks n Mods

Continued from prt1; WARNING: I assume absolutely no responsibility whatsoever, for any damage done to your computer, whether by following this gpu overclocking guide or otherwise. Moding the VBIOS VBIOS stands for Video Basic Input/Output System, think of it as being a small set of … Read More

gpu overclocking guide for beginners; prt1

Karl Is WrightHacks n Mods

In this post I’m going to walk you through my notebook gpu overclocking guide for beginners. You can follow along whether on your desktop or your laptop. It’s possible to re-write the VGA BIOS of your graphics card, such that regardless of what OS you’re … Read More

What’s New in JellyBean?

Avtar Ram SinghMobile Technology, Open Source, Software

With the flurry of activity in the smartphone market that’s got everyone talking about the big players like the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIII and the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Google’s JellyBean has taken a bit of a backseat. Even though JellyBean’s early reviews hit … Read More