Turn Your Laptop into a DIY Security System

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The overwhelming majority of laptops sold today include built-in webcams. Although the primary purpose of these cameras is video chat, there is a major market emerging for their use as a security system. With a little bit of know-how and the right software, you can … Read More

How To Create A Swap File in CentOS

SumodirjoDIY, Open Source, Tutorial

In this tutorial we’ll be learning how to create a swap file in CentOS. When we install Linux, part of the process when creating a partition is creating a swap partition. A Swap is more less like Windows file. When your RAM is full Linux … Read More

How-to Use Alias in Linux

SumodirjoDIY, Open Source, Tutorial

Alias is shell built-in command that used to simplify a command. With alias we can use the alias instead of the long original command. if we use alias command without option or with option -pit will list current alias. [sumodirjo@clarisa ~]$ alias alias l.=’ls -d … Read More