TCP & UDP A Full Explanation

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This is a paper about the Internet Transport Layer TCP/UDP. It was written by Marko Bekric, for South East European University. It was submitted to Electronics Fanboy by the author to be posted. Internet Transport Layer TCP/UDP By, Marko Bekric Abstract The TCP/UDP is a … Read More

Microsoft Lacks Focus

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In an article in the WSJ today ‘Microsoft Upgrades Surface Tablets’ Tuesday September 24, 2013, Microsoft shows it’s lack of marketing leadership by refusing to under stand the market. By opening retail with partners with Best Buy and Staples and trying for a more general … Read More

CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification Exams


Cloud computing is the way of the future, so anyone who can prove their proficiency with this relatively new technology has a bright future of their own. This career path can be supremely aided by the CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification. It demonstrates competence in cloud … Read More