4 Travel Accessories That Will Make You Feel Like a Secret Agent


Traveling can be an adventure, no matter who you are or where you are going. You never know what you will see, whom you will meet or what awaits you at your destination.
Travel is a little extra exciting for secret agents, but you do not have to be one to feel like one. Advances in technology are changing travel, and having the right travel accessories can help just about anyone feel like he is on a special mission.

Anti-Skimming Credit Card and Passport Holder

New passports, many credit cards, and I.D. cards contain RFID chips, which hold sensitive data about you. In certain situations, identity thieves can use special RFID skimmers to retrieve this information. U.S. passports have special covers that make this more difficult. However, your credit cards could still be vulnerable. Protect your identity by using an anti-skimming credit card and passport holder when you travel.

Cool Laptop Case

Your laptop contains important information that needs to be protected. Not just any laptop case will do. Look for heavy-duty laptop cases like the kind offered by Allcases. These cases are watertight as well as crushproof. For those reasons, they can protect your laptop in unusual situations you may find yourself in, such as traveling in a high-speed boat in pursuit of the bad guys – or less unusual situations, such as lounging around the pool at your hotel.

Video Camera Sunglasses

Video camera sunglasses have a video camera discretely built in to allow you to film whatever you are viewing. This has the double advantage of making you feel like James Bond while letting you capture video hands-free. This is very practical if you are going to do any hiking, biking, boating or surveillance while traveling. Styles and price of these sunglasses varies greatly, so be sure to shop around.

Luggage Tracker

If your luggage somehow gets lost, or finds its way into the wrong hands, a luggage tracker can help. These are special devices that send out signals via a special chip. You can receive location updates directly to a mobile device. These can lend you some extra peace of mind, especially if airlines have ever lost your luggage.

All of these also make thoughtful gifts for anyone else you know who may be traveling soon. Some people are hard top buy for, but if they like to travel, travel accessories are always a good option. Consider buying more than one of each to give as birthday or holiday gifts.