LED Backlit Displays: The Future of LCD Screens?


LED backlit displays are becoming increasingly common for high quality LCD screens. The difference between LEDs, or light emitting diodes, and LCDs, or liquid crystal displays comes down to one being used as a form of lighting, and the other as a way of diffusing … Read More

Night Vision Technology: Then and Now

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An introduction to the history of night-vision. Night vision technology began to be developed in the 1930s and was first used in the 1940s by the German army during WWII.  The devices were first utilized to allow snipers to see greater distances in the dark.  … Read More

What Happened To Google Fiber?


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Google Fiber has been all hush, but why? Google did some initial test work during 2009-1010 on their so called Google Fiber Network that claims to deliver broadband speeds at hundred times in excess of the existing speeds. Among the test centers was one on … Read More