Tips to Wirelessly Sync on iOS 5


┬áiOS is a mobile operating system from apple that is compatible only with Apple devices. It was first released in 2007 and was meant for iPhone and iPod Touch and because of its popularity, was extended to other products of Apple like iPad and their … Read More

How To Create A Swap File in CentOS

SumodirjoDIY, Open Source, Tutorial

In this tutorial we’ll be learning how to create a swap file in CentOS. When we install Linux, part of the process when creating a partition is creating a swap partition. A Swap is more less like Windows file. When your RAM is full Linux … Read More

How-to Use Alias in Linux

SumodirjoDIY, Open Source, Tutorial

Alias is shell built-in command that used to simplify a command. With alias we can use the alias instead of the long original command. if we use alias command without option or with option -pit will list current alias. [sumodirjo@clarisa ~]$ alias alias l.=’ls -d … Read More