Best Office Distractions, Zombie Edition

Karl Is WrightWeb Games

So last night, I was up late studying for a physics test, when I discovered it…plant’s vs zombies. I realized I should’ve been putting my time to better use, nonetheless I delved in anyway.
The tutorial in the beginning was a little slow, and it’s frustrating that they make you play the tutorial, even if you already know how to play. Although, to be fair, the tutorial is very short.
When the game starts, you select your plants (weapons), you’re only allowed about 6 plants or so when you play, out of the total. The more you play, the more plants you unlock.

The idea is to collect sunlight, and place plants on a grid (lawn). These plants are there to help you defend your home from the zombie apocalypse.
When the zombies come a knockin’, they usually come in waves. There are many different types of zombies, such as the zombies who come as they are (hungry for brainz), and there are the zombies who come with some makeshift shield to protect themselves from your pea-shooting plants.

But those aren’t the worst, the worst are the pole-vaulting zombies, because they can jump over your plants.

If you want to give the game a try, the demo is free to play. You can buy it if you like, but that’s optional. The link is below.

Plants vs Zombies for Mac